With You All The Way


OKR is fun to implement and very adaptable, but there are some pitfalls to avoid along the way.

We’ll guide you on that path to avoid OKR falling into the “great tool causing extra work” trap which we refer to as pushing the bike.

Our OKR Modules

As our flagship product, Win With OKR is a holistic framework focused on change. Having trained, implemented and coached around 1000 people using OKR – Objective & Key Result – we have developed a fail-safe methodology to take your organisation onto the next level and “embrace the future”.

Win With OKR helps your teams set the right priorities, creates a culture of collaboration, takes the guesswork out of progress and drives innovation in all that we do.

That’s why we created Win With OKR to get your team  of early OKR adopters started on your transition journey – driving the right decisions, choosing the right business models, ensuring that the right conclusions are drawn for the future of your business.

Like any change initiative, OKR will be most effective and sustainable when led from within. At Progress Factors, we measure the value of our work on just how sustainable it becomes, which is why we always provide Champions Programs to transfer our knowledge and build the skills within your team to drive further impact after we have gone.

It all starts here. OKR is not a methodology, its an attitude and all our OKR products provoke deep, audacious change in the way teams interact and deliver above and beyond their own expectations.

OKR asks fundamental questions about the purpose of your business, the value of your goals and the effectiveness of your daily tasks.

C-Level OKR is aimed at giving the people with the most influence in your business the right information, tools and, let’s face it, attitude to lead in an OKR environment.

Learning how, when and why to let go without losing control of the company’s strategy, whilst providing the right kind of support to team members struggling with OKR can be vital part of your OKR journey.

C-Level OKR does all this whilst taking up as little of your precious c-time as possible.

Most Progress Factors clients are larger organisations struggling with embracing the new working world and finding it hard to make that leap of faith to a simpler, successful, focussed way of delivering 10x better results.

Whilst many see OKR as a start-up methodology, companies like Google, LinkedIn and Spotify have proven just how scalable it is.

Roll Out OKR is about getting 100s of people involved in OKR swiftly, without loosing the benefits of our “deliver what you promise approach”. In combination with Win With OKR and our Champions Program, Roll Out OKR is the final and most wide-reaching step to a new, simpler, data-driven, 10x better culture.

Hear our customers give feedback on 3 key OKR benefits

„Not what or how much, but why is the key”

„Don’t grip too tight if you want to accelerate”

„Harvest what you learn to profit from your labours”

„You wanna make sure your team has ambitious goals that can be tracked down to specific measurable results? Then you better consider having Nick and his team introduce OKR in your department!”


True Priorities

OKR is all about connecting priorities with value-add.

Once OKR is running in your organisation, you will find everyone concentrates on the content of their targets and no longer on the red tape around them.


Let’s Get Started

We take goal setting onto a whole new level and have developed tools to make sure you set OKRs, which drive true value for your area


We’ll kick off with a training workshop and help you to craft and align meaningful OKRs

You Are Not Alone

Training OKR without coaching is like selling a mountainbike without a helmet. Your success is our success and we are with you all the way


OKR is easy to implement on paper, but just like learning to ride a bike, our coaching and support modules will to get you moving swiftly – in the right direction 😉

Harvest Your Effort

Progress eats theory for breakfast and our pragmatic approach is focussed on delivering results and sharing knowledge.


OKR establishes a learning culture and is useless without delivery. The final, value-adding processes at the end of an OKR cycle are vital to harvest the fruits of your labour.

Customer Interview

With a big thanks to our customer Sascha for this interview, find out here how OKR is helping to define the future of logistics.

Read the Interview in English

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Watch Nick’s recent interview with Perdoo

We work closely with a few OKR software houses to make sure we can help our clients and also to make sure their requests and requirements are fed back into the design sprints. Watch this Perdoo interview to see how we work with teams to make Dream Goals come true.