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OKR Team-Meeting
Minds@work Logo

Minds@Work come to Germany

We’re so immensely proud have held our very first Minds@Work event on the Lanke of Constance on 23 October 2018. Having supported this movement to rid the workplace of the stigma of mental health issues in the UK, the Progress Coaches got together to sponsor this cause and continue this good work in Germany.

Watch this space fort upcoming events.

Nicholas Stanforth OKR Coach

Watch Nick’s recent interview with Perdoo

We work closely with a few OKR software houses to make sure we can help our clients and also to make sure their requests and requirements are fed back into the design sprints. Watch this Perdoo interview to see how we work with teams to make Dream Goals come true.

Progress Coaches build their own living room trade booth

Innovation is all about finding a new solution to an existing challenge, so when the Progress Coaches decided to exhibit at a trade fair, they knew they would have to come up with something exciting. With a wink to Nick’s British heritage, they called on their Lean Consultant colleagues from the Winning Product team, who taught them how to build rapid assembly cells to hang their walls off. A kind donation from a cardboard manufacturer (who does not want to be named) and good quality wall paper complimented by original Buckingham Palace tea kept the fireplace sofa well frequented all week!